About Us

This service offers Community Mental Health and Well Being Advocacy in Liverpool

What is Advocacy?
Advocacy is:

  • taking action to help people to say what they want, secure their rights, represent their interests and obtain services they need.
  • giving people a stronger voice.
  • working in partnership with people and taking their side.

Do you feel that . . .

  • your wishes and views are not being heard?
  • you need support at meetings?
  • you understand what is being said to you and what your options are?
  • you are having trouble accessing the services or help you need?
  • you are having difficulty expressing yourself in getting the support you need?
  • you need help in accessing and understanding information?

If this is you and you need an advocate to support you with issues around your  mental health and wellbeing please contact us.


Our Advocates:

  • listen and support you in making informed decisions.
  • take your side and ensure your views and wishes are taken forward.
  • support you in gaining confidence to self advocate.
  • help you understand your rights.

We Can . . .

  • support and plan with you what you want to say at reviews with your psychiatrist.
  • help you to find specialised legal advice.
  • ensure your views are heard at meetings with professionals such as social services etc.
  • help you in accessing other services.
  • help writing letters.
  • help you to find information out.
  • help you with complaints.

Advocates do not:

  • provide legal assistance, but we will help you find it.
  • offer advice or tell people what to do.
  • take the place of health, housing or social services.
  • offer a befriending service.
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