Alison asked us to support her at meetings with her Consultant Psychiatrist and Care Team.  She  felt that her views and wishes were not being heard and that decisions were being made about her care and treatment without her full inclusion.

Firstly Alison and her advocate discussed the issues that were affecting her and explored her options. (Alison had a female advocate at her request.)  Alison felt disempowered and a little unconfident about raising the issues herself, and instructed her advocate to speak up on her behalf.  She felt that her current medication was not as effective as one that she had previously used and wanted this to be changed at her review meeting the following week.

Alison and her advocate met half an hour before the appointment to revisit what they had planned and determine if there were any other issues.  Alison told her advocate that she still wanted her to speak up on her behalf as she still felt anxious about the meeting.

At the meeting Alison’s issues were raised by the advocate and the Consultant changed her medication to the one previously used.

Alison was happy with the outcome and felt more included in decisions that had been made.  She was supported again at her next review, but this time  she felt empowered enough to speak up on her own behalf and now has the confidence to do so in other settings as well.

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