Claire was referred by the Advocacy Hub as she had needed adaptations in her home and had been waiting for several years.  The situation was becoming urgent as her physical health was deteriorating.  The local housing provider was aware of the situation, but because of problems with contractors, the refurbishments dates kept getting postponed.

Our advocate visited Claire at her home and could see what impact the stressful situation was having, not just on Claire’s physical health, but also on her overall well-being.  Claire explained that she needed a walk-in shower because of mobility problems – she was unable to get in and out of the bath, even aided by carers.  She is a proud, independent woman and felt that her self-care was being neglected.

Our advocate and Claire discussed options for trying to deal with the situation. During the visit the advocate rang the housing provider to raise concerns and requested that Claire’s case be given priority because of the impact on her physical health and well-being.

The Housing Officer agreed to look at ways to remedy the situation.  The outcome was that Claire was given priority due to her physical disability and the works were carried out two weeks later.

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